Data Integration

EPS and GPS Data Integration

Fuel receipt, GPS, ELD, and Trip Log Data Integration for IFTA reporting are the state of the technology today. ELD and GPS Data are easy to capture with “1-Click” upload.  No need to re-key in data.  We are currently integrating data from Trimble©, Comdata©, Omnitracs©, FleetOne©, PCS©, Zonar©, GeoTab©, SageQuest© and TMW© devices.

Fuel Data Integration

Do you use fuel cards vendors who provide information to your business?  If so, data integration can save you time. We import their data and it becomes part of your IFTA quarterly reports.  Simple and slick.

Data Uploads for All Manufacturers

If we don’t have what you need, let us know and we can set it up.  We have programmers on staff and lots of experience. We’re prepared for the ELD future.

We add new EPS Manufacturers all the time.  Data Integration is the only way to go. 

GeoTab uploads are rocking! So if you’ve got clients on a GeoTab device, be sure to let us know so we can show you how the uploads work or hook you into the API so that the data comes in automatically!


We’ve also built an API with Omnitrax XRS so if you’ve got clients on XRS, again please let us know so we can begin bringing that data into the system for you.