Road Receipt


IFTA fuel record keeping – streamlined.

On iPhone and Android.

TRUCKeSERVICES introduces its new IFTA app, available on Apple store or Google Play store that can take the pain out of keeping track of fuel receipts.

Snap a picture...

  • Capture IFTA fuel receipts on your cell phone camera, with a click and a save.
  • No more copying crumpled, faded and illegible receipts.
  • Increased accuracy
  • Automatic entry into your IFTA tax report by state.
  • Works on Android and iPhones.
  • Agents and fleet managers can easily monitor the expenditures.
  • Secure storage, no lost receipts.

Add a little text...

  • Enter a little text – *State, *Gallons, *Odometer, Amount (* Required fields – ‘0’ a valid Odometer)
  • SAVE and VERIFY automatically enters the IFTA Fuel Receipt information into your IFTA tax report at TRUCKeSERVICES.
  • It also stores a photocopy of your actual receipt in your ‘online file cabinet‘.

and you are done!

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