ELD Solutions

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

Do you need ELD solutions?  FMCSA requires that each truck have an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) by December 2017. Although, trucks that are out of compliance may not be taken out of service until April 1, 2017. To avoid problems, it’s time to start implementing your ELD technology now. 

An ELD automatically records date; time; location information; engine hours; vehicle miles; as well as identification information for the driver, vehicle, and motor carrier.  It creates a paperless record of driver hours, route, trip logs for each driver and each truck in your fleet. This data can also simplify the process of your IFTA quarterly taxes.  Exemptions to this requirement include:

  • vehicles manufactured before the year 2000,
  • tow away drivers,
  • drivers using the time card exemption who are not required to keep track of duty status.

The motor carrier and the driver are responsible for ensuring that all of the records of duty (RODS) are available for review by authorized safety officials at the roadside. Drivers sometimes use multiple ELDs that are not compatible (e.g., the data file from one system cannot be uploaded into the other system).  In those cases, the driver must either manually enter the missing duty status information or provide a printout from the other system(s).  That way an accurate accounting of the duty status for the previous seven days is available for the authorized safety official.

Data Transfers

According to the ELD rule technical specifications, an ELD must support one of two options for electronic data transfer:

  1. The first option is a “telematics” transfer type ELD. At a minimum, it must electronically transfer data to an authorized safety official on demand via wireless Web services and email.
  2. The second option is a “local” transfer type ELD. At a minimum, it must electronically transfer data to an authorized safety official on demand via USB2.0 and Bluetooth®.

To ensure that law enforcement is always able to receive the hours of service (HOS) data during a roadside inspection, a driver must be able to provide either the display or a printout when an authorized safety official requests a physical display of the information.

We have the software to make this technology hum. Additionally, we customize our technology to meet your needs.  We have Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solutions for most ELD manufacturers and are adding more every day.  We will work with ELD Mfgrs including – Trimble, Omnitracs-XRS, Zonar, E-Roads, PeopleNet, PCS-Excel and Fleetistics to integrate it into your IFTA quarterly tax reporting.  Our goal is to help you transition without missing a beat.

ELD Compliance Deadline