IFTA E-file Available!

Written Casey Bullard

E-file By Definition

Different government agencies would have you believe the word “e-file” means different things. This article will examine two different examples, IRS e-file (think Form 2290) and IFTA e-file.

Very Different Uses Of The Same Word.

IRS e-file is a very easy process. All the people who participate in preparing and filing the form are identified. Usually that’s (1) the tax payer, (2) their agent or CPA, and (3) the technology company that moves the data around. So if there’s a problem along the way, it’s easy to identify where that problem happened and who is responsible to fix it.

The Agent does the necessary and minimal data entry with their technology company, and with a click of their mouse, sends that info to the IRS. When the technology company gets confirmation from the IRS –  POOF it’s done.

That’s e-file at it’s finest.

IFTA e-file is a much less defined process. For one thing, there’s less help from technology. For another there’s two kinds of data entry to be done.

(1) Data entry to compile the total miles and gallons needed for the report.

(2) Data entry on the state website to report those totals by state.

Agents using Excel, or other outdated tech tools are often repeating the same keystrokes over and over again. It’s a lot more work than IRS e-file, and there’s a lot more room to make a mistake.

And that doesn’t even touch on how it can be different in each Jurisdiction.

E-file As A Service

TRUCKeSERVICES is trying to take what we know about IRS e-file, and help the jurisdictions apply it to their IFTA e-file processes. This way, agents and taxpayers alike could use software to compile the data once, ideally from electronic sources so they can skip that first kind of data entry, and then push a button to e-file, skipping that second kind of data entry also.

As you can see, that’s a big transition from what’s happening now. So to help smooth over the bumpy transition, we offer e-file as a service. That means that when you say you’re ready we can do that second part of the data entry, the part where the totals go to the state, for you.

Why Should I Let You Do My Data Entry?

Because it’s faster.

Any transition comes with bumps, and letting a third party into the process can feel like a bump all on its own. But it’s not. Our expert Data Entry processors have been doing nothing but data entry for us for more than 10 years. They are good at it. They like it. Taking this task off your desk helps you get it done faster, and with that free time you can do other billable work for your clients. Offer new services, cut back on your overtime expense, or just go home early for once! Work is faster, easier and more accurate when you have the right tools.

Because it will help the industry grow.

Change comes to the trucking industry faster and slower than any other industry. We often get new technology first, but are the last to want to adopt it. Change comes for us all, and the changes that help the industry should be encouraged. The more we here at TRUCKeSERVICES get to work with individual states showing them how e-file COULD be, the faster they will adapt the new technology, and the faster the industry benefits from it. The states often think agencies and tax payers don’t LIKE technology because they don’t take advantage of it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Agencies and taxpayers just need good technology partners, and that’s what our e-file service is all about. Empowering people with technology has been our mission since the 1990’s…

Summarize This For Me

e-file is simple in some places, and complex in others. But there’s no reason it should stay that way. As we help the industry get the most out of the available technology, it’ll get easier for everyone.

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