Manual vs. ELD Record Keeping

Manual vs. ELD Record Keeping

ELD Record Keeping (Using the Technology) vs. (High Audit Risk)

ELD record keeping and devices are changing the way we do things.  So what are the differences between the new technology and the old way or manual way of doing things?  And, how can this new way help you?

The ELD Way

  • ELDs track, not only driver (HOS) hours, but trip data for state jurisdictions.
  • Fuel purchases are uploaded to IFTA software and receipts captured by Road Receipt App.
  • Diagnostics detect and fix jurisdiction problems with state mileage data and fuel purchases.
  • All applicable state forms are electronically filled out and filed.

The Manual Way

  • Manually record every border crossing on trip sheets
  • Company collects trip sheets from drivers
  • Fleet Managers try and read drivers handwriting and accurately transcribe them.
  • Information is either manually totaled or totaled by a spreadsheet
  • Company manually prepares paper IFTA forms for mileage and fuel totals per state.
  • The taxpayer (or their agent) signs and manually mails their IFTA report quarterly.