Tesla comes up with a big rig!

Image result for tesla big truckTesla has introduced a pair of sleek silver Tesla semi-trucks that get 500 miles per charge, go from zero to 60 mph in five seconds and promise to single-handedly transform the commercial trucking industry. Elon Musk sought to reassure potential buyers that Tesla’s electric big rigs can surpass the performance of a diesel engine.  The truck’s exact price hasn’t been revealed but Tesla stated that a diesel truck would be 20 cents more expensive per mile than Tesla’s electric counterpart, which will be available for purchase in 2019.

A fully loaded Tesla truck moving 60 mph can travel 500 miles on a single battery charge, Musk said. The vast majority of truck routes are less than 250 miles, he said. The truck includes four independent motors, Musk said, and has no gears or transmission, meaning that it will require much less maintenance. He guaranteed the truck will not break down for 1 million miles.

Musk said his trucks can reach 65 mph up a 5 percent grade, compared to 45 mph with a diesel engine truck.

“While you’re unloading your cargo, you can charge,” he said, arguing that drivers will need to take a break after six or seven hours of driving, giving them a chance to charge the truck. “By the time you’re done with your break, the truck will be ready to go. You will not be waiting for your truck.”

Within hours of the trucks’ unveiling, Wal-Mart – the world’s largest retailer with a fleet of about 6,000 trucks – announced plans to test the new vehicle.  To see complete article click here.