How To Prepare and File IFTA Tax Returns – The Real Easy Way?

So much is in the wind these days about how ELD’s and their providers make IFTA tax filing easy.  Well, the feedback I am getting is . . .  NOT!!!!

And there are lots of reasons!

First, and foremost, most of the hardware manufacturers have not been in the business of preparing IFTA quarterly reports.  Their hardware doesn’t differentiate whether or not it is installed in a “qualified vehicle.”  They are not tuned into the requirements for records that need to be retained and on hand for an audit period of at least 4 years!!!  And they are not involved (usually) with the fuel side of the IFTA report.  Filing a quarterly IFTA report is taking credits for overpayment of taxes paid at the pump.  IFTA does not allow any credit when the receipt for the fuel purchased is not available as proof.

It is easy for ELD providers to give their users a report that compiles the total distance recorded for trucks by state of travel.  But that’s as far as their service may go.  And they may not hold on to the proof required for even 6 months – much less a complete audit period.

The REAL EASY way for truckers to file their IFTA quarterly reports is to use a tax professional with the right technology tools and knowledge base.  Your ELD can be set up to send distance information automatically to your account.  Cell phones can be used with an app to take a picture of fuel receipts and text the data to your online account.  All of a sudden, the data needed to compile and prepare quarterly IFTA fuel tax reports is where it needs to be – almost instantly!

And if all that is “too much information” – no worries.  Call us at for a referral to a reputable tax professional in your base jurisdiction.  Many have been preparing IFTA fuel tax reports for clients for years and have Customer Service reps who know how to help you.

So don’t let a salesman or ELD manufacturer sell you the easy way to file your quarterly IFTA fuel tax reports.  Check out the REAL EASY solution, first!